ceo message

Welcome to all the customers visiting our PACOMERI web site.

We are a company that can always be trusted.

After witnessing several cosmetic brands that are manufacturing the products only with a commercial purpose and without any basic knowledge about the skin and the real beauty of a woman, I founded PACOMERI in 2005 with an eager to make a cosmetic brand which will contend in the market fairly just with the products themselves.

For last ten years, we have been developing products that have longterm effects rather than just temporary and moment-lasting feeling when applied. Our products are not just pretty cosmetic with fancy marketing and packages. Our products are cosmetics that show changing results on your skin every day.

Thanks to the customers who have noticed our product’s effects and their high repurchasing rate, PACOMERI is standing firmly in this market until today without any fancy marketing.

We will return to our customers with honest products with a belief that PACOMERI can provide healthy and beautiful skin to every women.