our philosophy

Pride of an absolute beauty


Pacomeri believes that the real beauty of a woman starts within the healthy and bright skin.

Also, we understand how much healthy skin means to women and how they get big satisfaction and confidence from it. We believe women are happier when they are more beautiful and the beautiful women can also have better attitude on their life. We put our sincere mind in each product, willing for every women to enjoy the happiness of being women and to live their wonderful life.


More and more products are trying to deceive the customers by new and unfamiliar texture or skin stimulating results and pretend as if those products are special and good for your skin.

Fancy marketing confuses the customers who are trying to find effective products and make them to purchase the products that will be thrown away after few days. It is a wrong belief that you can tell the effects of products with a momentary result after a single use. The real effective products will make your skin significantly better after a few months and you will be able to hear from others how much your skin got better. This is what PACOMERI pursues quietly and by making the finest skin care products.


Pacomeri values the communication with the customers.

It is because our greatest task is to make the products that customers are looking for and make their skins as they want. There are lots of ways to communicate with the customers but ever since the foundation, we are keeping our ‘person to person’ communicating system. We feel great achievement when we see it for ourselves how our customer’s skin is changing daily and how they are becoming more beautiful.