Pacomeri believes differentiated ingredients will lead to differentiated products.

Even though we use the same components with the other brand, Pacomeri uses only the best and the finest ingredients. We are keeping our promise to make the best quality products by using only the best ingredients no matter how much it will cost. In no situation will Pacomeri try to benefit more by cost reduction. This is our pride and affection to our customers that will never change.


EGF, which helps reproducing skin cells and gives best condition to you skin by nourishing them with moisture, nutrients and elasticity, is one of the main ingredients used in all of the Pacomeri’s products.

This novel prize winning ingredient shows the best skin reproducing effect within all other existing cosmetic ingredients. They are expensive ingredients but we always use the best EGF ingredient and do not hesitate to spend on EGF, so that customers can see and feel the effects of EGF by themselves.


Pacomeri values the communication with the customers.

Every Pacomeri’s products are consist of a blend of 5 different kinds of oriental medicine ingredients and aroma extract. We select plants that are only grown in the environment with clean air and water, extract from them and use sufficient amount in every products. They are highly valued ingredients which are proved to be very effective on your skin’s health with very few side effects. They will get deep into your skins, keeping your skins healthy from very inside and protect them in all places and times.


Pacomeri always study and try the best to find out which technology can help making the better product with our best quality ingredients.

We manufacture our products with various kinds of technology such as nano technology and fermentation technology. At the same time, we are always looking for a way that women can keep their skin healthy and beautiful everyday and more easily without undergoing the stimulating cosmetic procedure by developing and researching the MERICARE(the home skincare device).